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Win a $10000 Live Account with Uniglobe Markets Giveaway

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Uniglobe Markets is currently offering a generous giveaway of $10,000 for a live Forex trading account. This amazing opportunity provides traders with a significant boost in capital to jumpstart their careers.

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The Forex market, known for its size and liquidity, presents great potential for profitable trading strategies. With $10,000 at their disposal, participants can make substantial trades and increase their profits. Don't miss out on this life-changing giveaway that could greatly enhance your trading success.

Details of Uniglobe Markets Giveaway

The total prize pool for the giveaway is $10,000, which will be distributed among various categories in the following manner:

    • 10 individuals will be chosen as winners, with each receiving $150 in their Live Account. The total prize money for this category is $1500.

    • The top 4 most active users will be granted $500 each in their Live Account, making the total prize money for this category $2000.

    • There will be 3 winners, each receiving $1000 in their Live Account, resulting in a total prize money of $3000.

    • The grand prize winner will receive $3500 in their Live Account.

How to Participate in Uniglobe Markets Giveaway

To enter the Uniglobe Markets giveaway, individuals must complete the following tasks:

    • Leave a Comment & Mention: Post a comment and tag three trader friends.

    • Follow # UniglobeMarkets.


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